Thank you to Ganesh who designed the original site.

A great source of inspiration and particularly on the functioning of the menu comes from the inescapablecssplay of Stu Nicholls. I also thank YoYoDesign which provides translated versions of the W3C documentation and AlsaCreations which provides valuable advice and a forum which I recommend attendance.
The creation of this site could not have been possible without criticism, advice and testing of members of a newsgroup orange.pagesperso.astuces whose irreplaceable Stéphane Moriaux enthusiastic and always willing to try and mount a demo.
And of course John and Sophie who asked me to look at this site which gave me a great excuse to spend a little time on the computer.

Bertrand Belguise 24/11/07


The association Ecriture et Papyrus is designed to promote writing in all its forms. On this many workshop are proposed.

site de Jean-Michel Debilly: Jean-Michel is a sculptor Debilly Villefranche / Saone. C'est aussi un très bon ami de John Gillham. It is also a very good friend of John Gillham.

site of the chateau goutelas s cultural center :John worked in this castle in 2006 with Jean Claude Faelli, an engraver ; he did the decoration and the painting of humanist devises in different alphabets, on the beams of the new conference room