Born in Sydney in Australia in 1947.
Studied “Beaux-Arts » in Sydney.
Studied painting in Atelier Morgan, Sydney
Studied painting in l’atelier Inson, Sydney Studied scculpture and pottery, East Sydney School Sculpture + pottery
(teacher : John Hervey).
Teacher of water colours Sceggs Rudlands College at Sydney
Works sculpture and céramics in atelier Paul Martin
Works painting, sanguines, watercolour, fusain, wood and stone sculpture in France and Australia and England
Exhibit by himself or in group.

Exhibitions in Australia

Eagle Vale Estate, western Australia 2002
State Gallery of New South wales (Prix national de portrait) 1986
David Jones Gallery Sydney 1986
Sydney Morning Herald Award, Horderns Gallery Sydney 1984
Art price Warringah Highly recommended 1984
Pacific Gallery Sydney 1983
Art price Warringah 1983
Art price Warringah 1982

Exhibitions in England

Fort street Gallery Devon 1991

Exhibitions in France

Museum de Rochechinard, 2013

Galerie Alison, Vienne, 2013

Galerie Chybulski, 2012

Galerie Caveau des arts, St Galmier, 2013

Galerie Chybulski, 2012

Test du Bailler, Vienne 2012

John Gillham's studio, Vienne 2009

Galery Chybulski 2008

Gallery Chibulsky 2006

Grand-oeuvre, chateau de Goutelas, 2006

Lyon, Galerie Imag’in 2005
Villefranche sur Saône, Renc’arts 2003
Lyon, Galerie Imagine 2001
Villefranche sur Saône, Atelier Debilly 2001
Aix en Provence, Galerie Moscato 2001
Auxey Duresses (Beaune), Château de Melin 2001
Auxey Duresses (Beaune), Château de Melin 2000
Caluire, Hôtel de Ville 2000
Lyon, Galerie L’impasse 1999
Talluyer 1997
Lyon, Galerie Vehemence 1994
Thezé 1993