Welcome to John Gillham’s website !

You might ask « Who is John Gillham » ?

I would say that he’s an Australian who was born on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, in Sydney in 1947 into a family of 4 children. He grew up like everyone else at that time: in shorts stopping at the thighs. At lunch, he ate sandwiches prepared by his mother. Sometimes there was beetroot in them, which coloured the bread and he did not like that.

Today, he is a professional painter and a sculptor. He has been living in France for years but he still visits home, Australia.On this site you will find photos of his works more or less recent: portraits, nudes, landscapes, mise en scène, abstract forms…

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For your information, I can also tell you that John Gillham gives painting lessons in Vienne, an old town south of Lyon, in France, where his studio is